A story about Amos Sumbuso from Rwebisengo S/C

Sumbuso at his workplace during the time of visit.


Sumbuso while attending to a customer.


Amos Sumbuso from Rwebisengo S/C

Being brought up in a hard to live in family in Mujumba village, Majumba parish in Rwebisengo Sub County in Ntoroko district, Amos Sumbuso aged 18 had no chances to complete his studies because his parents could not afford the school fees for him to keep in school.

While at school he used to help certain in his village to make chapattis to support his school requirements and it is from this that he got interest in that particular business since the man was developing himself and providing to his family from this particular business.

At the time his interest had developed, Youth in action programme was starting in Rwebisengo which he opted to join with hope of being given capital .so he started the learning and selected the enterprise pathway specifically dealing in chapatti making since he had the interest and skill in the business.

He was given 300,000shs as startup capital by the programme which he used to buy the materials needed to begin his own business on the 3rd January 2019 .he says at the moment he earns a minimum of 15,000shs as profits on a good day and has been able to save 480,000shs in the Rwebisengo youth VSLA group from the weekly savings of 2,000shs he makes. He further has plans of renting a room in order to expand his business and begin preparing other foods for his customers as there is demand for what he prepares.

“I am grateful to the mentor I have in the person that taught me the same business since I can manage my business well with the knowledge and skill i got both from him and learning in the programme.”

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