Human Rights Advocacy


Since 1996 RIDE-AFRICA has been engaged in promotion and protection of human rights especially children and women. This is being done in different forms such as supporting the promotion and protection of children rights and responsibilities in schools, promotion and protection of human rights in communities and promoting peace building and conflict resolution in communities.

Democracy and Good Governance


Engagement of duty bearers and holding them accountable to issues relating to their rights and responsibilities, promoting accountability and transparency among leaders in service delivery and also civic competence for social accountability.

Primary Healthcare

RIDE-AFRICA therefore supported the provision of HIV/TB community based care and strengthens community to facility referrals through CDOs/ Health facilities for clients requiring services. With support from Baylor Uganda, Linkage desks were established and Linkage and Referral Assistants identified, trained and supported in health facilities to coordinate referral processes with the identified PHA groups. Through mobilization and creating demand for various health services in communities, RIDE-AFRICA fosters bi-directional linkages, referral networks, follow up clients not only to maximize adherence abut also improve client retention on ART and also support provision of More tailored interventions aimed at ensuring clients are differentiated to receive ART in the most convenient way to improve retention.

Social-Economic Empowerment


RIDE-AFRICA is supporting deprived women, men, children and youth acquire vocational entrepreneurship, financial literacy and numeracy and life skills. The above skills offered help in transitioning to viable educational or livelihood opportunities which improve the social economic status of these vulnerable people.


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